Standard products

Honing machine


The Gerus honing device is desinged for honing of large diesel engines. Thereby we have combined application versatility , minimal space requirements , ease of use and an excellent honing result.

This enables Gerus honed machines durablitiy. This system hast been successfully used for many years and convinces by its sturdiness and durability.

Way of working

That over the entire service life consistently high honing result we achieve through pneumatically driven honing arms. In particular, this process pronciple allows that large variet (with bore diameter of the socket 160-640 mm).

Even for special sizes or special requirements Gerus can deliver individual designed honing devices. The honing device is positioned directly over the built-in cylinder liner (also at V machines) and operated.


  • Mobile, robust and durable
  • Suitable for in-line and ‘V’ engines
  • Also available as stationary unit
  • The cylinder liner does not need to be removed
  • Self-centring of the honing machine
  • Even honing thanks to guide arms
  • Optimum honing results thanks to drawn grinding of the honing stones
  • One pneumatic drive for all honing diameters
  • Simple to use
  • Quickly ready for use
  • Machine can be dismantled
  • For special sizes and requirements